Perception of Fear

We are caught up from birth in cultures, in religions, in fears, at times there are no realities to, and yet, we see no other  possibilities. Embedded so deep that it becomes like stains soaked into dry wood.

My years as a youth were of the confusions within my Father. Imprinted upon his children. Carried through life for each to untangle and discern its truths and lies.

Where did his imprint come from? Where in his history did the compounds of his loved ones/teachers pass them on to him? A snowball effect through time. The tainted or tweaked truths, or are the perceptions carried in thoughtless fear from one generation to the next? Our lives, our foundations to be based on fears of WHAT? Fear, not love, has become the foundation, the tool to control groups, societies, families, and individuals about a God, an eternal existence of salvation or damnation. If fear is ignorance and love is truth, has the beginning of time been based on perceptions?

This life really is an individual fight. A fight for ones perception of Honor within.  Overcoming the ignorance’s (fear) of our past, allowing our truths (Love) to strengthen.  We can break the cycle of fear and pain of our forefathers , healing them and us. I believe this ripple effect CAN heal the past and future. For isnt that what our parents REALLY want for us? To do better than them? In that, we can move forward, raise our frequency, let go of our ignorance, embracing truth and Love!

Thank you Dad!