How is it possible? This lonliness? Youre not real! I gave to my family, gave to my friends but you snuck in the door “lonliness”,  youre not real!

Who are you and who am I?  Speak to me lonliness. You invited yourself in and yet you dont speak. Show your ugly face lonliness. Youre not real!

You are a coward lonliness. You hide in my shadows and dine on me. Your silent laughter sucks my soul and calls me to a place of not. You are a black hole in my mind with no return. Youre not real!

Show yourself so I can fight you lonliness. You lead me down the dark path of doubt but youre not real!

Others see my surfaced light and see only strength. I dare not whisper help for fear they will see my weakness. Lonliness are you real?

My eyes well up with tears of lonliness. Is that you speaking? Are you real?

You blanket me with sadness and I feel you lonliness. That is you isnt it? You are REAL!

I dont like your taste lonliness. You are REAL!

I see your ugly face. You are REAL!

“HELP ME’, I yell,





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