Good-vs-Evil_11A friend once told me, “if you want to know what’s really going on in the world, go to the movies”.

Our recent run of new releases and up and coming releases are following the same futuristic view,

sometimes using aliens in the place of government, turning good against evil:   Red Dawn, World War Z,  

Battle Las Angeles, I am Legend,  The Invasion, Red Dawn, Hunger Games, Elysium,  X-Men, Divergent,

Jupiter Rising,  Oblivion,  etc. Is it the powers that be lifting us to a higher frequency or the government

conditioning us for the hunger of blood.? With such a plethora of films all conveying this

 common thread of civilian unrest, it really makes you wonder what’s in the undercurrent. This concept

is now appearing in the woodwork of real life.  The forcing of Obama care, The patriot act. The Bundy

saga over land wars,  etc. A rebellion is eminent but is it for Good or for Evil? To be continued……


Tamara B


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