Where Are We When The Body Sleeps

Ask and Ye Shall Receive”.

Is it possible there is more to sleep than just resting the body? What happens to our spirit during this time?

A question I pondered. “ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE”!  So I did just that!  

On a quiet evening while praying and meditating, a serene peace came over me. Sweet smells filled the room. A comfort consumed my soul. My surroundings were of no consequence to me. Drawing within, I found my me in a space of stillness and clarity, (There are no words to describe this).  The space was crystal clear. Color was magnified. There were no rooms, no walls, just an open endless infinity around me. I felt a presence of wholeness. What I saw from this point on has changed me but at the same time I already knew it, if that makes sense. Kind of like an A-Ha moment! Like a forgotten memory returned.

A panoramic view filled me. I saw with my whole being, heard with every fiber. I was shown sleep was meant for the body and spirit. I saw the physical body rejuvenating in slumber and although the spirit was ever connected to the body, the spirit was lifted past the physical veil to a realm of learning. I felt angelic presence there with the spirit, giving instructions and encouragement (Some may call them Angels, Guardian Angels, Dakinis, Spirit Guides or Messenger).

I began to wonder why sometimes we wake scared, angry or exhausted. As quick as the thought came, the answer was revealed. When we lay ourselves down at the end of a day, the conditions of that day play a big part in the quality of our sleep. Negative choices such as fighting, the wrong kind of music, TV or movies, swearing,  negative thoughts and FEAR can stop the spiritual rejuvenation process during sleep. If we watch an intense movie with blood, war, hate, or vengeance we are restless and our minds can’t shut down? This holds the spirit in suspense.

My surroundings, at this point, became even more magnified. I wondered what would bring my body to a state of sleep so my spirit could lift? I then heard beautiful background tones in the midst of angelic music. I saw that certain tones carry different vibrational frequencies,  Allowing the body to find a state of peace. It is so very important to maintain a home of positive surroundings.  How we end the day is imperative to our growth.  Our bodies must reach a level of sleep for the spirit to lift. I was shown that, in music, A and D tones should be used for sleep.  At this point I understood that before I retired to bed each night it was important to meditate on the journey through that day, asking myself if my energy was lifted by my actions.

I soon found myself in familiar surroundings left to contemplate what I had seen. I have been given a beautiful gift. It has taken me a while to get my nerve up to share. I pray this may enlighten whoever comes across my words, as it has me.




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