Printed in the United States of America

The Great White Chief from
whose Archives this Manuscript

has come and to
Awaiting the fulfillment of
his Mission.

The time has arrived when the knowledge of our material world will give way to an ushering in of the Spiritual World that will bring enlightenment to all those who desire sincerely to know the truth about all things in order for truth to grow and become manifested within each and every soul upon this earth.

I, Mother Mary, believing that man was created by the Great Spirit out of love and nature, was placed by the Creator in man’s pathway to chastise man when he becomes disobedient or to reward him with abundance when he learns to become a true Son of God.

The problems of food, shelter and lon­gevity are more conscientiously felt by those persons who have tasted the bitter cup of life than by those residing in more mech­anized surroundings. This, however, I believe, is a blessing in disguise, for those who live simple, thoughtful lives do not have to unlearn so many things in order to reap the Creator’s abundance in nature’s storehouse.

I, Mother Mary, feel that many danger­ous misconceptions, such as in the misguided use of true knowledge for purposes of aggression, are hampering man’s current efforts to master space. Unless a definite change is made before it is too late, nature will carry out its God-given mission and destroy mankind. If, on the other hand, man realizes that he is the receiver of knowledge, nature will provide sufficient for all the needs of mankind, with a wealth of leisure and abundance beyond the concept of mortal man.

Therefore, to accomplish this most desirable state of affairs, it will be necessary to combine actively the relearning of ancient laws under the guidance of the truly Holy and Wise Ones.

The Bridge of Brotherhood can be built only with the stones of true faith, love and patience of selfless individuals with the Holy Wise Ones whom the Great Spirit chooses.

When man has learned from bitter ex­periences that moderation in all things is desirable and he tempers his own desires in the oil of compassion for his fellowman, then truly has the seed fallen upon fertile soil.

The seed of the Father’s love was planted in the mind of man when he was created. It needed only tears of compassion for his fellowman to fertilize, cause germination and bear the fruit of understanding of the source of all wherein man becomes in truth one with all and all with one.

As it is quoted in all of the Sacred Teachings throughout the world, our Heavenly Father asks that all those who seek him must be honest with themselves, setting aside worldly experiences, humbly asking within themselves for the Father’s guidance and becoming, thereby, as a little child.

Many nations have achieved a measure of greatness and then declined because they had forgotten the importance of true spiritual wisdom and the showing of proper re­spect for those rare individuals who were and are blessed by our Creator to act as the receivers of it.

That is the reason why the truly Holy Men have been hesitant in showing them­selves, for they cannot force knowledge upon individuals or governments. They’ can offer it only under circumstances that would tend to guarantee its perfect use for the true betterment of mankind.

They will not be a party to special favors for the individual or nation wherein advantage is sought or implied. Mankind should function as one family with duties assigned and responsibilities equally shared before true spiritual progress is possible. Only then will man have the opportunity of learning the true history of civilization and also what is necessary to manifest the Father’s abundance in effectually solving the problems facing each nation and individual today.

I, Mother Mary, have the following special message for the mothers of the world: “Are you not the Temples consecrated for the ultimate perfection of all humanity? Dedicate yourselves truly with love and understanding that the Rays of All-abiding Love may be emanated. Pray, listening care­fully for guidance and the way will be made as clear as crystal—”

Brothers, it is my wish to serve, if only in a small way, realizing that the Creator of all bringing his lost children together so that He can improve them in order to make one true, harmonious family on this earth; and to accomplish that ob­jective He will cause all of His worlds to serve each other. Did He not create them from one substance?

Through an Indian this manuscript reached my possession. I feel it is truth and in my way of believing serving unattached waiting for guidance from the Great Spirit of all good.
Amen Amen Amen

To change any of the wording of this manuscript would lose its true mission therefore it is left just as it was written and if Echa Tah Echa Nah, The Great White Chief, deems it necessary in the near future where I can serve in this way I am ready. In publishing this book the author’s purpose is to tell of his experiences, wording the text just as it is found in the man­uscript, leaving some things out as intuitive guidance directs through a feeling that comes over my entire being.

Mother Mary


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