Criticism is the practice of judging the merits and faults of something or someone in an intelligible (or articulate) way.

An individual commented that Celestine Prophecy was lacking religion, having only spirituality, and to them was a failure. I say, what a blessing! The gift to allow any soul to look within themselves. If truth is truth why would we box it into one religion?

Like unto a child, James Redfield’s writings of the Novel “CELESTINE PROPHECY” was in its infancy.  At times, shaky and yet strong. Giving birth to a unique spiritual awakening. The first book, The Celestine Prophecy, lays out the foundation, or the milk, of the insights. Raw and simple. The author, at times seems to be living the steps himself with each chapter, as though writing in the shadows of his own life experiences. One cannot make an accurate “criticism” about Celestine Prophecy. One must follow this journey into the TENTH INSIGHT,  flowing into the next book, THE SECRET OF SHAMBHALA (In search of the Eleventh Insight) , and then into the TWELFTH INSIGHT,  growing with understanding, just as the character, John Woodson, does. With every experience John journeyed through, I felt an uplifting, a growing of understanding about this world and my existence here.



The foundation was laid in Celestine Prophecy. The infant beginning, allowing one’s mind to open, to grow and ask, “what if”?

For me, The TENTH INSIGHT  brought me to an awareness of the unseen in my life. I began to tune into the quality of the energies I allowed around me. The quality of energies I was sending out to the world, the universe.  James presentation of each perceptive idea, allows the reader to sift through them and apply what is relevant to ones belief.

Too many times I came across other peoples concepts of life and as soon as I encounter a word/sentence/statement made, I didn’t agree with, I threw the baby out with the bath water, losing out on any growth may have been there for me. Redfield’s journey of insights has awakened my true instincts, finding truth in the rubble of power and control.  There is more out there, around us and more important, in us. One begins to ask, why am I here? What was the reason for the path set in front of me? What lessons or growth do I need to rise to a higher frequency?                                                                                          I began to look around at others and ask myself, “what are they going through and can I help their growth be easier?


                            “DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU!”

THE SECRET OF SHAMBHALA (In search of the Eleventh Insight) is a magnificent book. How one can read this and not be changed is a mystery to me. My awareness was kindled. The Candle lit. I found myself watching my every thought, every prayer and  every action. For me, the secret of Shambhala is within me, not a physical place but my temple. It is an insightful commentary on the issues that are significant to humanities current state of awareness. Redfield offers up simple, yet powerful, solutions to transcending our lower vibrations by implementing the wisdom offered up by his inspiring insights.

With most books, I look forward to the ending but with The Secret of Shambhala my frequency was lifted by each turning of the page. I drew in deep contemplating breaths, as the book came to a close.

(side note: Although John’s character is set in the tone of a NOVEL, I am leery referring  to it as such because the realizations come from a deeper understanding of the True Self! )

……………………………………………Stay tuned for my commentary on “THE TWELFTH INSIGHT“!

 (Direct link to James Redfield’s webpage: )


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