“Good is never lost”  Mother Mary Mae Maier
There is no great or small.
Sincerity will bring you through, even if you make many mistakes.
Pay attention to your daydreams, you might get ideas that way.
Service should be for all, not just for my group or your group. ..
The Saints and true Sadhus are the light of the world.
Control the mind by counting.
Have compassion for all, and treat all with equanimity.
You are self-responsible for your life.
You cannot walk the path for someone else – a guru who tries to do this interferes with his disciple’s evolution.
Love will take you places nothing else can.
Each nation has karma, and every nation will sometime suffer from its karma.
The higher consciousness of the New Age will first emerge in children.
Women will have a special place in the New Age.
Every human being has both male and female characteristics within them, and these qualities may be in perfect balance.
Joy moves us forward.
There are seven kinds of people, the seven-rayed race.
Speech has great power.
Be kind in word and deed.
Curiosity isn’t enough.
Live what you know, and you will find more.
Your conscience will tell you what to do.
Pray for the welfare of those who abuse you, but have a sense of justice.

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