What is Family but a soft hello!

A gentle touch!
A funny laugh!
A tear shed!
A heart felt hug.
A helping hand!


The meaning of ones universe wrapped up in another’s understanding.
Hello sis, Hows the kiddies?
Remember when…….?
I miss you, its been a while. Are you ok?
I met my love yesterday…..Have a cup with me so I can tell you.
Hows the job? I can help.

Family is the heart-felt love of people who care so deeply that no matter how different or the same we are, we stay strong in each others lives even if its been 5 years between visits.
Family are souls that say, you should have called me, I would have helped …or…. Congratulations on your triumph.
Have we lost this gift? Are we so selfish these days that time seems to thicken our minds?
Family is Gods children around the globe, connecting when all odds are against them.

FAMILY is this universal spirit of all!


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