The Person Walking Past You!

Have you ever stopped and looked at the people around you? At a store, on a bus, on the sidewalk, in the car driving past you, in a restaruant, etc???

The other day I was standing in line at the grocery store. I was contemplating things in my life when I noticed, I mean really noticed the people standing in front of me. At first glance I saw a fat unkept ugly man in a scooter. Standing next to him was, I assume, his wife who, once again at first glance, I saw a hard scruffy unkept woman. I watched both of them for a few moments, with all my assumptions flying. Then I began to study the womans eyes, cheek bones, jaw! Slowly I saw, deep beneath the surface, a softness I had not seen before. I let myself look at her open. Her eyes were once soft. Her smile once real. I saw the beauty in her. the coarse jaw line was now a story of her life. Her eyes still had a reminesence of good times.

I then looked at him. A man struggling to understand why he was where he was in his life. Hating the chair that bound him and yet he knew what had brought him to that point. He was once strong with dreams of a future much different than the one he found himself in. As he moved slowly to put the items up by the cashier, I saw the woman ignore his struggles as she watched him lift the items one by one. I saw 2 people who were enourmously sad.

My view of this image caused me to look around and see the movements of the people moving around me. The cashier who couldnt wait to get off work, the man behind me impatient to be next in line and leave, 2 women sharing peeks of their babies with each other. The tired woman reading her list to see if she got everything. oh the views were endless.  What did I see in me? where was I at in my life? I appreciated the moments shown to me. We live our lives oblivious to the people surrounding us and yet, how sad life would be without them. I find myself looking closer to home and today I see my family differently, softer, more attuned to the actions in our lives.

Be kind to each other for the person walking past you could be you some day!3007611185_d5eb9d5421


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