The Power Of Words

Words are the power of consciousness…….into the heart of another’s subconscious……..

What is the meaning of our words? How do we use them? Are they uplifting or demeaning to others.

Do we share them to snare others power into our own? Nothing is sharper than a 2 edged s-word!

We can choose to slay our fellow-man with the blood thirsty vengeance of our s-worded tongue or

sooth the savage beast within our own self and speak words of kind forgiving growth.

A double-edged s-word moves like a rushing hot volcano of lava through the very core of one,

scarring hopes and beliefs. Too many times we rush to spew our heated words into another, to try and strip the others power.

Nothing good ever comes from one telling another what they percieve their faults to be.


Lay down the s-word……….

Guarding our tongues with tender encouragement gives light to the other and spiritual growth.

Nothing speaks louder than a pleasant smile, a hug, a hand to help.

Love truly is the greatest gift God gave us. There is no fight in it. timthumb

Gods grace holds us in our struggles.

You are Loved, I am Loved.

(now look at the other person, they werent so bad after all)!



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