Picking a fight with the Devil

I let myself fight with the devil last night. I opened my strength and power for him to shred. “I lost”.

His words are not true and yet the seeds cut through my faith in me.

I was left with the vapors of the battle. He fed me lies about myself.


Youre no good.

You are drama.

You failed.

Youre not the worst Mom.

You do everything wrong.

…….and then a seed for a future conversation.

I let it happen.

Why did I fight him?

I knew there was no light there.

The devil is not my friend but a hurdle to overcome.

His vengeance is the perception of my weakness of how I see myself.

I have been taught there is a tool the devil uses when he has no other tool to use.

It is called a wedge.

He slips it in to your weakest self and prys the door open.

He has many names for it, depression, anxiety, worthlessness, hate etc.

He then presents the biggest shiniest tool of all “False perception of yourself.”

Its blanket smothers, and fools one into believing they are of no worth.


I Failed last night and yet I have won for I see myself in a different light. I see the tools. I see the game. I know I am better than that.

I have a brighter goal ahead. I must lay this fight down.

I cannot change evil. I can only change me.

My prayer is to never open that door again.

I am worth more.

I am a good Mom.

I am a good soul.

I am strong.

I forgive myself.

~Author~ Tamara~facing_a_new_day_by_ghostfight3r-d34hp0u

I am a Child of God!


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