Morning Is A New Birth

Ever noticed how life has a funny way of changing us? No one ever stays motionless. No matter where we are within ourselves the universe will always move around us, giving us the tools needed to teach us. Life isn’t about holding still and finding that comfy spot we knew as children, Life is growth. Even if we fail in life’s experiences, we are changing, only to begin again.

Rise in the morning and life has a plan for us. Every second, every thought, every movement, will change our life experience for our day and when we lay down at night we reset and life opens a new page. Life isn’t about what we lost. It’s about what we have gained.

My Thoughts before I close this day:

Did I do any good in my world today?

Did I make my wrongs right?

Am I stronger because of it?

Was I true to me?

Thank You God for teaching me about me!




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