The stars dance


Mere Observations

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It is 10:30 pm and I was about to fall asleep while struggling to keep my eyes open to read. It was to be my final night at Broom Tree and not being ready to go to sleep just yet I made a decision. Getting dressed and throwing my hooded sweatshirt on I began what was to be my last trip to St. Isadore’s. Halfway across the parking lot I turned to see Cocoa followings slowly behind me once again. I turned, paused, and called softly to her to come closer but tonight she preferred to lag behind.

I entered the dark, empty church and sat once more in what had become my spot: the front pew on the right. For the next 45 minutes I gazed upon the crucifix lit from the…

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One thought on “The stars dance

  1. I have made several journeys to Chaco Canyon….which has become “my place” of reflection and contemplation. My first trip was the week before Thanksgiving. It was cold and crystal clear. My friend and I stayed one night. I remember laying down on the top of the picnic table and just looking up at the night sky. Chaco is one of the only “black” spots on the Earth as seen from space. I don’t even know how many shooting stars I witnessed that night. The stars danced! It was an amazing night that preceded a most enlightening day. There is just something so peaceful about gazing at the night sky and being able to see the order out of chaos. The cities are not the place to really be in the sky’s energies….find someplace away from the light pollution…where you can be one with nature and the universe. It is time for me to go back. And, I am so hoping that this will be my last walk in Chaco in this time and place.


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