A Beauty In Her Aging Years! A Personal Note!

Have you ever noticed, as you go through the day, something unexpected is said,

without the other person knowing your life story, they have touched on something you don’t know how

to mend from?


One of the things I like to do is help the elderly. One can learn so much from their wisdom if we would only silence our young mouths and quiet our minds to listen.
Today I was at this old gals home cleaning for her, ( she is almost 80). She was having a not so good day health wise. As I was sweeping the floor, I asked her how she was feeling. She said, “not so good” then she said, with her back turned to me, “you know when my boys  were younger they hated me. Now they see I wasn’t so bad”.  (she had 5 boys, 4 girls, now in their 50s and 60s)

I looked at her surprised by her random statement.  She knew very little about me. She turned around and looked at me and said, ” when children grow up they look back and say, when I was 15 my parents were stupid. When I was 30 they grew up!” Again I looked at her puzzled. I said, “yeah I know how that feels, I have a child who wants nothing to do with me!” She smiled, nodded, and said yes dear I know. Give him time, one should not judge an apple in the spring. If one feels they need to judge, they should judge the apple in the Fall.

My hurt that was built up inside me drifted away and I felt complete peace and love. I finished my work and hugged her as she gently kissed my cheek.

I am ever so grateful to the great Divine for sending me angels.

Blessings and love to you all. May we all see that miracles still do happen.

Tamara Lynne


My dear sweet friend and angel, who I wrote about, passed away Saturday September 29, 2012. Little did I know the words she said to me on September 19 2012.would be the last I would hear from her.

My heart is missing her but I know she can fly now.

Blessings Jean, Thank you for the gift you left me. You will not be forgotten!





8 thoughts on “A Beauty In Her Aging Years! A Personal Note!

  1. I have had similar stuff like this happen when I take Daisy for visits. Its not only the old ones that we have stopped listening to, but also the real young ones. The young haven’t had all their openness drummed out of their being’s yet, and the old ones have so much wisdom to offer. It is those of us in the middle that cannot or are unwilling to open ourselves up to the lessons being offered. And, I admit, I am as guilty as so many others. Life just seems to get in the way of whatever lesson we are supposed to be learning. Daisy has helped me “stop and smell the roses”, if you will. Its amazing what she is able to help manifest.


  2. This is a lovely gem of a miracle. I would offer reinforcement for your wise friend’s insight. My husband and I raised a son who succumbed to the influence of some very bitter forces. For a few years I feared that he was hopelessly lost. But we prayed for him every day and purely by the grace of God our son has joyfully returned. I pray that God might grace you and your child with such a reunion.


  3. Beautiful post and how wonderful that you had that experience. Sounds like we’re in the same time frame in parenting- can’t wait for my girls to know how smart I truly am! Thanks for visiting. Sue


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